LTC1263 12V, 60mA Flash Memory Programming Supply

Product Details

The LTC1263 is a regulated 12V, 60mA output DC/DC converter. It provides the 12V ±5% output necessary to program double byte-wide flash memories. The output provides 60mA from input voltages as low as 4.75V without using any inductors. Only four external capacitors are required to complete an extremely small, surface mountable circuit. The output can be momentarily shorted to ground without damaging the part.

The active high TTL compatible Shutdown pin can be directly connected to a microprocessor. In the shutdown mode, the supply current typically drops to 0.5µA.

The LTC1263 is available in an 8-pin SO package.


  • 12V Flash Memory Programming Supplies
  • Compact 12V Op Amp Supplies
  • Battery-Powered Systems

Features and Benefits

  • Guaranteed 60mA Output
  • Regulated 12V ±5% Output Voltage
  • No Inductors
  • Supply Voltage Range: 4.75V to 5.5V
  • ICC 0.5µA Typ in Shutdown
  • Low Power: ICC = 300µA
  • 8-Pin SO Package
  • Same Pinout as LTC1262 and MAX662