LTC3330 Nanopower Buck-Boost DC/DC with Energy Harvesting Battery Life Extender

Product Details

The LTC3330 integrates a high voltage energy harvesting power supply plus a DC/DC converter powered by a primary cell battery to create a single output supply for alternative energy applications. The energy harvesting power supply, consisting of an integrated full-wave bridge rectifier and a high voltage buck converter, harvests energy from piezoelectric, solar, or magnetic sources. The primary cell input powers a buck-boost converter capable of operation down to 1.8V at its input. Either DC/DC converter can deliver energy to a single output. The buck operates when harvested energy is available, reducing the quiescent current draw on the battery to essentially zero, thereby extending the life of the battery. The buck-boost powers VOUT only when harvested energy goes away.

A low noise LDO post regulator and a supercapacitor balancer are also integrated, accommodating a wide range of output storage configurations. Voltage and current settings for both inputs and outputs are programmable via pin-strapped logic inputs. The LTC3330 is available in a 5mm × 5mm QFN-32 package.


  • Energy Harvesting
  • Solar Powered Systems with Primary Cell Backup
  • Wireless HVAC Sensors and Security Devices
  • Mobile Asset Tracking

Features and Benefits

  • Dual Input, Single Output DC/DCs with Input Prioritizer
    • Energy Harvesting Input: 3.0V to 19V Buck DC/DC
    • Primary Cell Input: 1.8V to 5.5V Buck-Boost DC/DC
  • Zero Battery IQ When Energy Harvesting Source is Available
  • Ultralow Quiescent Current: 750nA at No-Load
  • Low Noise LDO Post Regulator
  • Integrated Supercapacitor Balancer
  • Up to 50mA of Output Current
  • Programmable DC/DC and LDO Output Voltages, Buck UVLO, and Buck-Boost Peak Input Current
  • Integrated Low Loss Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier
  • Input Protective Shunt: Up to 25mA at VIN ≥ 20V
  • 5mm × 5mm QFN-32 Package