TSZ182IQ2T Very high accuracy (25 uV) zero drift 5V CMOS Op-Amps

The TSZ182IQ2T are single and dual operational amplifiers featuring very low offset voltages with virtually zero drift versus temperature changes.


The TSZ182IQ2T offer rail-to-rail input and output, excellent speed/power consumption ratio, and 3 MHz gain bandwidth product, while consuming just 1 mA at 5 V. The device also features an ultra-low input bias current.

These features make the TSZ182IQ2T ideal for high-accuracy high-bandwidth sensor interfaces.

  • Very high accuracy and stability: offset voltage 25 µV max. at 25 °C, 35 µV over full temperature range (-40 °C to 125 °C)
  • Rail-to-rail input and output
  • Low supply voltage: 2.2 - 5.5 V
  • Low power consumption: 1 mA max. at 5 V
  • Gain bandwidth product: 3 MHz
  • Automotive qualification
  • Extended temperature range: -40 to 125 °C
  • Micropackages: DFN8 2x2, SO8 and MiniSO8
  • Benefits:
    • Higher accuracy without calibration
    • Accuracy virtually unaffected by temperature change