ADPD188BI Integrated Optical Module for Smoke Detection

Product Details

The ADPD188BI is a complete photometric system for smoke detection using optical dual wavelength technology. The module integrates a highly efficient photometric front end, two light emitting diodes (LEDs), and two photodiodes (PDs). These items are housed in a custom package that prevents light from going directly from the LED to the photodiode without first entering the smoke detection chamber.

The front end of the application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) consists of a control block, a 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a 20-bit burst accumulator, and three flexible, independently configurable LED drivers. The control circuitry includes flexible LED signaling and synchronous detection. The analog front end (AFE) features best-in-class rejection of signal offset and corruption due to modulated interference commonly caused by ambient light. The data output and functional configuration occur over a 1.8 V I2C interface or serial peripheral interface (SPI) port.


  • Smoke Detection

Features and Benefits

  • Supports UL-217 edition 8/ UL-568 ed. 7; EN-54; GB..; ISO
  • Lowers Nuisance Alarms using a Dual Wavelength detection with higher SNR and dynamic range.
  • 3X Lower power dissipation enables smaller/ cheaper batteries
  • Integrated Optical Module (3.8mm x 5mm x 0.9mm with 1 blue LED, 1 IR LED and 2 Photo diodes)
    • simplifies EMC design,
    • allows for greater diversity of industrial design options and
    • results in 75% fewer discrete components.
  • Loop calibration at final test reduces calibration challenges with smoke detector products.
  • Supported by ADI designed smoke chamber manufactured by Accumold, 28800X. (Please see EVAL-CHAMBER Mechanical Dimensions (PDF), also under Resources below)